Sunday, November 22, 2009

Black Friday starting on monday Amazon

Amazon is starting its black friday sales on Monday, and they are going to go on all week.  I believe that these sales are going to change throughout the week and days (i think)

I am pretty excited about this since I have about 50$ in Gift Cards thanks to Swagbucks and Opinion outpost (surveys).  (if you are interested in either of these please leave me a comment and i will get back to you.)

Also at this time Amazon has a free Prime membership for a month which i believe gets you free 2 day shipping on your orders.  You do have to remember to cancel the membership though, I believe that the membership cost 78$/year.  I also signed up for this, due to the sales, I dont' want to pay shipping if I order something that doesn't add up to 25$. 


  1. Hey girl! I am becoming fascinated in your deals! How did you get the $50 gift cards through swagbucks and opinion outpost?


  2. man i need to check for comments.. i just realized i had some today. here is a post about swagbucks

    and opinion outpost is a survey site.. sometimes i do ok, sometimes i get nothing, it just depends.


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