Monday, June 29, 2009

helpin out

E helping..


Thursday, June 25, 2009

a sad day

today we took the boys to the procession for Josh M who passed away in affganistan. they obviously don't know what it was for, but they liked seeing the firetrucks.

They also have no idea what a great area we live in. I was amazed at the turnout and support for this young man. I am proud of my town and county. I am proud to call it home, and I am proud to raise my boys here.

I obviously have no idea what this poor family is going through I look at my boys and i couldn't imagine having one of them pass away so young. So my sympathies and prayers are with them.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Link to the museum of Transportation

So today we went to the museum of transportation. The boys liked it. it had a small train (like the one at the zoo) that went around in a small circle. it had a bunch of trains, some cars, a tug boat, a plane. there were a few trains that you could get onto.

E sitting in the firemans spot on one of the trains.
(the fireman was in charge of the fire)

B sitting in the conductors spot

Dad, B, and E. on one of the train cars

B and E inside a train car

B and E by a old fire truck

B and E in front of a Car

There is also a creation station that we didn't go to

cost was

6.oo for adult
4.00 for 5-12
under 5 free
teachers free

Train rides 4.00 (although for some reason we only paid 2)
creation station i think was 1.50 (we didn't go in)

Link to the Museum of Transportation


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

summer time fun

so we have been pretty busy here. the boys had swimming lessons last week. really only three days because of the rain. the boys didn't take to it so well. but since then we have been swimmng in the new pool at our house (a family pool like at the deiters fest) and we also have gone to uncle d's and over to visit our friends carol and mary at there pool. now the boys are getting more use to the water and are getting a little more independent. today with rings they were swimming all over the pool at carol and mary's.
sorry about the pix being sideways, it wouldn't let me move them.
E in his ring at carol and mary's

E floating


B swimming

n sitting in the family pool we bought. it is really to deep for him when full, but when i was blowing it up i put a little bit of water in it and let him crawl around. he loved it. he actually got to swim in it before his brothers.


The Letter E

So I know I haven't talked much about our crafts and Letters. so i thought i should fill you in. for the last few days we have been doing the Letter E. We started with Dying crushed egg shells (we had cleaned and saved them) and we made egg letters on our poster board. don't know if you can tell E's is all blue, and B changed it up by using different colors for differnt sections of the letter. The next craft was elephants. we colored, cut, and glued a elephant. Lastly we talked about humpty dumpty. I found the nursery rythme on line with some pictures. i cut out the picture, and we said the rythme and then put them in order. finally the boys glued the pictures to the board.
here are the pix

B and E coloring egg shells

glueing the elephant on the poster

standing in front of their posters

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

Well it is fathers day

everything was pretty cool here.

this morning i had the boys give scott his fathers day gift. he liked it. he is going to put it on his desk at work.

this morning we got breakfast from the amercan legion and went to M.J. to eat. as usual the food was great. after that we came home. i put some water in the pool (it is a "family pool" from dolar general) Maia came over a little later and they all played in the water.

this afternoon we went to the Jr. Legion Baseball game, played at the park for a little, and talked with Aunt J and Cousin G. Cousin G is in the childrens play this summer, and we can't wait to go see it.

well i better go



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

another cvs trip

yes i did make another cvs trip. and a good trip to
i only bought 3 things

sour gummy wurms .88

schick Quatro trimmer/razor 7.99
ECB 3.00
Coupon 4.oo (last weeks paper)
total .99

Crest pro health 2.99
ECB 2.00
coupon .50
total .49

out of pocket was .62
total ecb used 7.00$
total ecb earned 5$

i probally should of o0nly used 5$ ecb, but i used more, oh well


total merchanise value 376.99
total couopons used 150.17
total ECB used 161.40

total out of pocket 75.02
total ECB earbed 157.40

Monday, June 15, 2009

fathers day

so this is what scott is getting for fathers day. we got a picture frame for x-mas for 3 wallets. so we did this the other day, and i printed them out and put them in the frame. I will also have the boys color some cards for him.

so if you don't have anything yet, and are looking for something, cute, and inexpensive, i would try this.

what it took

cardboard boxes.
white paint
blue sheet
children (lol)

i just cut out the letters out of my avon boxes. draped the sheet over the side of my couch and snapped a bunch of pictures. i had matted photo papper so that didn't cost me anything.

i was going to get a 8x10. cvs had a code for a free one, but i couldn't get it to work. it sucks to becuase i was going to hang it in my room. oh well, i may try again latter.

i may post some more of the pix later

have a great day

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Sunday, June 14, 2009


so this is my most recent cvs trip, not my best but i did ok

i spent 21$
saved 38$
used 7$ ecb
earned 14$in ecb

i should have split my transaction. i should be good for a while and i listed one of the lotions on ebay, and deodorant


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Friday, June 12, 2009

swag bucks and you data

ok so i have talked about you data and swag bucks before, but i just wanted to revisit it.

swag bucks: you use there search engine (which utilizes google) and you randomly get swagbucks, or you can find a code. code hints are posted on swagbuck facebook, twitter, or there blog. so far i have gotten 15$ in amazon gift cards..i'm saving to buy laundry detergent..or something simular. (a 5$ amazon card cost 45 swagbucks)here is a link

you will find at the bottom of my blog a swagbuck widget or try this (if it works). register, and search and earn.

youdata: my data pays you to look at adds. sometimes i make as little as 15 cents a week other weeks i make 1-4 dollars. really it is easy you go to there site and register. when you log in you can check what adds that they have (or have picked for you according to the data you gave them., interest ect) you click the links, up pops the web page.. (you can look it over or just close it) and they pay you for this. easy peasy.
here is a link to sign up under me.

if your wondering, yes i do earn off of others signing up under me, but really i have earned with both of these without others, and thought i would pass them on to others. neither is a big money maker but they are easy and bring in a little extra. check them out



Tuesday, June 9, 2009

fly lady


1. clean fridge
2. clean microwave inside and out
3. clean stove and oven
4. straighten drawers and cupboards
5. wash canisters and nicknacks
6. wash finger prints off of the walls
7. wash inside windows
8. scrub down cabinet fronts
9. clean light defusing bowls
10. clean under sink
11. clean pet dishes
12. clean table

weekly house blessings
empty trash
clean mirrors and doors
change sheets



menu and super value trip

WEN: Roast
THUR: Beefaroni
FRI: Pork Chops (or out with the aunts)
SAT: CHicken
SUN: pork steak
MON: Chicken
TUES: spaghetti

disclaimer: this is subject to change. frequently we eat what is on the meun but on different days than listed.


sweet baby rays...3/2.95 (.99)
1.oo coupon (5/10 smart source)

Sara Lee Bread 1.99
1$ coupon (5/31 red plum)

Stone Ridge icecream or sherbert 2/3.50
coupon in flyer (8th-14th)
1.75 each

Kellogs Cereal (select varieties) 2/3.95 (1.98)
1.00$ coupon (6/7 redplum)
.98 each

Flavorite Shredded Cheese 3/2.95
coupon in flyer (8-14th)
.98 each

Pop Tarts 2.75
.55 coupon (6/7 red plum)
2.20 each

Purex 2/3.88
coupon in flyer (8th-14th)
1.94 each

2% prarie farms
1.99 each

Chicken Breast
1.89 /lb

motts applesauce

This obviously wasn't all i bought but these were the deals that i thought were worth talking about.

breakdown of this trip
spent 83.67
saved 41.65
total value 127
percent saved 33%

i may end up going back to pick up some things agian. like the cheese, and purex.



cummalitive spending 1125
cummalitive saved: 426
total value 1550
percent saved 27%

Monday, June 8, 2009

B and N first Cardinals Game

so yesterday we took b and e to there first baseball game. they really enjoyed the whole thing. we road the metrolink (train) over. walked around the park for a short while. and they got these little back packs. (which are great for us, since i was thinking of getting something for them to use when they spent the nite places). they also really liked seing fred bird on the field, when he wasn't there they wanted to know where he went too. they did get a little bored about halfway through, but in the end i think they really enjoyed it.

here are some pix.
i took this one so i could do this.
in front of the stadium

i really need to loose some more weight, guess i better get on that huh.
b and me

what a good pix of b

e so interested

I was tickling E before this pix, but isn't it cute
before the game.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

just some pix

we like pancakes
more pancake pix

Baby boy was doing this looking at belle who was on the stairs, maybe so big.

we put up the swing today, here is n enjoying it.

some more swing pix

when everyone was over on friday they put baby boy on this toy, he did pretty good at balancing on it

Little boy eating an icecream cone


The Letter B

so the last few days we have been working on the Letter B.

here is the finished board

we did bumble bees
brown bear
hot air balloon (shapes)



Friday, June 5, 2009

Wal Mart and IGA

Ok so i thought i would go to iga and see if i got better deals. i ended up spending 83$$ way to much in my book.

i also made a side trip to walmart and spent 31.00. at walmart i got some house stuff and some food that i had coupons for.

so here are some of the deals at WAlmart

Kraft Dressing 1.58
coupon for 1.50 in last weeks newspaper
coupon 1$

Kraft BBQ sauce .98
.75 coupon in newspaper

Easy Mac cup .99 each
1$/2 on

Velveta Shells 1.50
1.00 coupon on


Tombston Pizza 3.33 each (3/9.99)
1$/2 coupon

kraft cheese 2/5.00
or i had a coupon from super value that was a manufactures coupom for .50 off one.

tostinos 1$
Baby Carrots 1$
Hunts pudding 1$
delmoni plastic fruit cups 1$
Rotini Pasta 1$



total grocery stores 1040$
total saved 384$
total value 1424
percent saved 27%

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Menu for the week june 5-11

FRI-- Spaghetti (or out with the aunts)

SAT--Chicken Juliene

SUN--Baseball Game

MON--Pork Chops

TUES--Chicken Quesidias


THUR--Sloppy Joes

Shopping List

Pork Chops
Heavy Cream
Cheese (2)
Sour Cream
Cream Cheese
Lunch Meat

i hope to go shopping tomorrow, i think i will go to IGA in Carlyle, they have a bunch of 10 for 10



Monday, June 1, 2009

N in the Pots and Pans

So we all know the boy can pull himself up and get around the house. so now he has found the pots and pans.

More Letter A

here is our poster board with allof the activities we did.
the last activity was ants, the bottom A's have ants on them. they are finger prints. and the fish bowl is an aquarium.

e tracing the letter with paint.
(they would both do it with paint every day. they love paint.)

b tracing with the paint brush.
so we had fun with the letter A, now it is on to the letter B. hopefully we will be able to run some errands today (the car is at detmers getting oil change) so i can get some poster board, otherwise, we will start tomorrow.

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