Wednesday, March 31, 2010

N broke his wrist

On monday I was cleaning the garage.   N climbed into the stroller, and it tipped backwards.  At first I was worried about the fact that he hit his head.  I held him for a while.. washed off his hands, and put some frozen peas on his head (on and off).  Eventually I let him go to sleep.

After he woke up he was very fussy, and I noticed that he wasn't using his left arm a whole lot.  Also when I messed with his wrist a little he would whine.  Their was no noticable swelling.  I called the doctor, and made an appointment for tues morning.  I wanted to give it some time to see what happened.  After I got off the phone I started to worry, if I should have just seen if I could have just got him in, or if I needed to go to the ER.  We gave him some tylenol and he seemed better, although he still wasn't using that arm/hand much.

The next day he seemed better, so I cancelled our appoinment, but then after seeing more of him babing that arm, I called  to see if we could still get in, we could.  His appointment was at 10:30, so I went and dropped off E at preschool and n and I went to the Doctors.  He of course ordered X-rays. 

After the Doctors appointment I went and picked up E, and then we went back to the hospital for N's x-rays.  Then we just had to wait.. well run and wait anyway

(this next paragraph is just about my day and E;s picture)

E had a appointment (i thought) to get his yearly picture taken at 1:30, and it was 12:30 when we left the hospital, and I still had to get his clothes together.  So we made a quick trip through Mck D's and went home to eat very quickly.  We ate and changed clothes and went on our way.  We got thier at 1:30 only to find out that our appointment was march 31st. (today)  they  ended up getting us in at 2:30.  So to kill some time we went to Sears and did some sale shopping.  I found a long sleeve shirt for N for next year.  Then it was almost 2:30 and we went back.  At Portriat Inovations it took forever to get it (they where very busy with Easter pictures.)  then they where printed but, one of the employee's found some smudges that she wanted to fix, so we had to wait again.  Finally we got the pictures... They are great.  check back later and I will try to post them. 

on the way back I called the Docors office, but they didn't have the results back.  So I went home and started supper.  It was at this time that the Doctor called back and said it was fractured and we had to go to childrens hospital to the ER.  So my mother in law came over and S and I took N to the hospital. 

The ER was actually not a long ordeal.  It seems like they got us in fairly quickly.  They decided not to cast or splint it.  The doctor explained it that it was like if you tried to break a piece of green wood or  stick.  you know it doesn't break all the way.  That is how his wrist/arm is.  and that it should heal very quickly, becuase it really does at this age.  She said a cast or splint would just agravate him.  So no splint or cast

we have a appointment with a orthapedist next week

i appolligize now for spelling errors, becuase i am not going back to check them.  N just woke up and is crabbyn

Monday, March 29, 2010

super valu

green giant veggies  .48

kraft dressing 1.88

betty crocker cake mix 1.00
$0.75 off Betty Crocker Cake Mix + Frosting, exp. 5-22 (SS 3/28/10 #2)

Gold Medal Flour 1.45

nestle townhouse morsels  1.95
$1/2 Nestle Toll House Morsels, exp. 5-31-10 (RP 03/21/10)
$1/1 Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough printable

Potato buds 2$

Mott's Apple sauce 1.50

Musselman's apple juice 1.99

Chicken 1.58 lb
stock up price

kraft cheese 1.18
stock up price

apples 1.98 3 lb bag

10 lb potatos 2.48 per bag

Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Weeks Shopping Trips

I am going off memory here, since I lost my receits.

super valu
spent  15.
total saved 5
total value 20
total % saved 25%

IGA (above)
spent 20
saved 9
total value 29
total %  30%

walmart (twice and Helliges)
(mostly E birthday things)

spent 55
saved 2.00
total value  57
total saved 4%

total for the week
total spent 90
total saved 16
total value 106
total % 15%

so E's b-day sent me off a little.. we bought bbq pork from helliges (30$, supplies for cake, 15, plus I am counting the other trip to walmart on this)


Kraft Cheese 1.50

Green Giant Veggies   .49

Oscar Mayer Bacon 3.99
$0.75/1 Oscar Mayer Bacon, exp. 5-16-10 (SS 03/21/10)

Betty Crocker Fruit snacks  4/8$
4$ off when you buy four (in flyer)

general mills cereal 4/10$
4$ off when you buy 4 in flyer

betty crocker potatos 1.50
$0.25/1 Betty Crocker Potatoes, exp. 5-22-10 (SS 03/28/10 #2) 
$1/1 Betty Crocker Potatoes printable (IE) or printable (FF)

gold medal flour 1.39

capri sun 2.00
$1/2 Capri Suns

50% off all mccormick spices and extracts
$1/1 McCormick Spice, Herb, Extract or Food Color printable
$1/1 Select McCormick Products, exp. 4-11-10 (RP 03/14/10)
$0.75/1 Select McCormick Products, exp. 4-11-10 (RP 3/14/10) 

IGA white vinegar .88

10lb bag russet potatos 2.49

Saturday, March 27, 2010

End of the Day

Well it is the end of the day.  All of the boys are asleep.  S went out, and everyone has left after E's birthday party.

It was a great day!!  E's party was great.  He got lots of Clothes, and some toys.  He liked his cake.  He had fun riding



here are some links for the CVS coupon match ups

Coupon Preview

looks like 2 smart source, 1 redplum, and 1 p&g.

check them out here

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


lettuce .99

yoplait .50
$0.50/6 Yoplait Cups or Light Smoothie printable
$0.50/6 Yoplait Cups or Light Smoothie printable  
$0.50/6 Yoplait Yogurt cups printable  
$1/8 Yoplait Yogurt Cups printable (IE) or printable (FF) 
$0.40/6 Yoplait Yogurt Cups or Smoothies, exp. 5-15-10 (SS 03/21/10)

 poptarts 1.50

peter pan 1.29
$1/4 Select ConAgra Products, exp. 4-15-10 (SS 03/14/10) 

IGA fours 1.39

animal crackers and vanilla waffers 1.50

cream soups .69

hunts ketchup .99

chef boyardee .99
$1/4 Select ConAgra Products, exp. 4-15-10 (SS 03/14/10)

IGA marshmellows .79


boneless chicken 2.5lbs

brawny paper towels 4.99
$0.50/1 Brawny Paper Towels, exp. 5-15-10 (RP 03/14/10)
$1/2 Brawny Paper Towels, exp. 5-15-10 (RP 03/14/10)

IGA sugar 1.29

prairie farms cottage cheese .88

jacks pizza 5/10$

super valu march 22nd-28th

manwich 1$
$1/4 Select ConAgra Products, exp. 4-15-10 (SS 03/14/10)
(their is also a coupon  in the flyer, get 1$ off any ground meat, when you buy 3 manwich

Large eggs 1.98

Minute maid orange juice

Campbell's chicken noodle soup 2/1$

betty crocker fruit snacks 2$
$0.50/2 Select Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, exp. 5-1-10 (SS 03/07/10)

Prairie Farms 4 qt pail of icecream 3.99

general mills cereal 2.33
coupon in flyer.  get 4$ off when you buy four participating general mills products.  Makes them 1.33 each.

hunts tomato's 4/4$
coupon in flyer.  save 1$ on pasta when you buy 4 hunts tomato's (this is a ok deal in my book)

navel oranges 3/.99

jacks pizza 4/10$

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cambell's cooking soup coupon

1$ off of 2

Are You Chosen

Go to This web site and find out if you have been chosen by 5 React Gum to receive a little black envelope, that I think has a pack of gum in it.

Go find out if  you are CHOSEN!!

Once again thanks to  She has such good deals!!

Free Matel Geo Trax DVD

These are great little movies.  They do take a while to get to you (12-14 weeks), but shipping is free.   Go HERE to get it.  Just go to the website and select your country on the upper right side.

You can also go here and get a movie about how Bruder Toy Trucks are made.

Thank you surviving the stores

Sunday, March 21, 2010

spending on 3/20


spent out of pocket 37
total saved 11
total value  48
total % saved 23%


Total Spent 7.
Total Saved  32
total value  39
total % saved 82%

Total for the Week

total spent   59
I saved 49
Total value 108
total % saved  45%

Recent Going Ons

just a cute picture

Local H.S. boys basketball got 4th in State. Congrats boys!!!

breakfast on St. Patricks Day.  We did a few Green activities.

N and E coloring

got this at a garage sale, for 1$.  Needs repainted and a new scarf, but I think it was a decent deal!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Toy Story blue ray/DVD combo 10$ coupon

This is a pretty good deal, if you are interested in getting this movie.

go to, open a new account (if you don't already have one), it is free.  Enter in upc codes for Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2 (that you have previously purchased)

then click the link for a 10$ coupon.(you will have to enter code and print out for each movie)

Reportedly Target has  a deal out for these

each movie is 22.XX  (45.XX together)
target discount of 10 (when you buy both)
2 10$ coupons
means you  pay 15.xx for 2 movies


it has been reported that their are Free passes for Toy Story 3, when it is released in July.

I am very conflicted about getting this.. It would be a great Easter gift, but I already have 2 movies, and we where going to get the boys baseball gloves for in their baskets (well the older ones anyway) N is getting books.  So I don't Know, but I did print them out.

Full Rebate On Olay Quench

Olay currently has a rebate our for their Quench Lotion.  Purchase the Quench Body Lotion between march 19th and April 16th, and mail in the completed rebate form, along with the sales receipt with purcase price circled by April 30th.


Recieve your full purchase price in return.

I'm going to pick some of this up on my next trip to Walmart or CVS.

Friday, March 19, 2010

huggies coupons

their are a few places that you can get this 3$/1 coupon

3$/1 coupon

or become a fan of huggies on facebook, and click the link

Don't forget to push the back button on your browser after printing. You should be able to print 2 at each site, that is a total of 6-3$/1 coupons. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I did it

I have been thinking about buying Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.  I have read about it on babycenter.  Everyone is talking about how good it is, or about how it kicked thier but.

so I finally broke down and got it.  I used my amazon gift cards so I didn't have to pay for it.  (I got gift cards from swagbucks and opinion outpost.

I will let you know what I think


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

super valu march 14th-20th

lettuce .97

sargento shredded cheese 1.50
$0.40/2 Sargento Natural Shredded Cheese, exp. 4-30-10 (SS 01/31/10)
$0.50/2 Sargento Natural Shredded Cheese, exp. 4-30-10 (SS 01/31/10)

imperial margerine 3/2$

lunch makers .99

this was the main stuff I saw.  If you see something else let me know.


Amazon Shoe Sale

thanks to Melissa's bargain blog for tipping me off to this one!!

select amazon shoes are on sale for 50% off.  Isn't it great just in time for spring, time for some sandals shopping.  I need some for N.  (undecided yet if I will actually purchase any)

I can't seem to get this page to load right.  So I apologize if it doesn't work.  I think it may be a very busy page today!

Super Valu Trip 3-15

sorry I didn't take a picture.

but i got milk, bananas, pepperoni, sugar, 2 sergento cheese

I spent 15
I saved 6
Total value 21
total % saved 29%

this trip was really just get what I needed.  Only the cheese and peperoni where on sale.  I was going to do the coupon match ups for super valu, but their web site doesn't have this weeks flyer up.  Although I did grab it the other day when I was their I have misplaced it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Carlyle IGA March 14th-20th

Prairie Farms Yogurt .40
b2g1 coupon

IGA shredded cheese 2/3$
(sergento is on sale at super for the same)

Super Chill Soda .69'
(just in time for E's b-day, hope you all like this soda?)

Hamburger and Hot dog buns .99
(also just in time for E's Birthday)

green giant veggies .99
$0.50/1 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers printable 
$0.50/1 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers printable
$1/3 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers, exp. 4-17-10 (SS 02/21/10)
$0.50/2 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers, exp. 5-1-10 (SS 03/07/10)


Last Weeks Spending

Last week I  went to Super Valu, and really I didn't spend that much.  I should have purchased more of what was on sale.

Frist Trip

total spent  36
Total saved   26
Total Value  62
Total % saved  42%

Second Trip

Total spent 3
Total saved 3
total Value  6
Total % saved 50%


Total spent 39
Total Saved 29
Total Value  68
Total % saved  43%

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Back

You probally didn't notice it, but I have been gone for a few days(again).  This time the internet on my computer went kapooie.  I was without the internet for 2 days.  Did you miss me. 

At our house no internet means that we need a new computer or laptop.  This is the first time I have had a laptop, so I am still working on figuring everything out.  So far I like it.

Well I gotta go.  I think I may go and find my receits for last week, and for my trip today.  I also hope to do coupon matchups.



Thursday, March 11, 2010

outside fun!!

Hasn't the nice weather been wonderful.. the boys and I have really enjoyed it.  These pictures are from the WONDERFUL day yesterday.  But today was also good, the boys went outside with my mom for a little bit while I cleaned a bathroom...IT is so nice to see the sun again!

this one is a fav right now... sorry it is sideways.. it is late and I am to lazy to fix it.. I probally also need to crop it a little.

More Coupons

Thanks to Couponing101 for posting these

$1/1 Mcromic Spice

$1/2 Ragu  (this would go good with the sale on Ragu this week)

thier are more checkt he link for Couponing101 post above, for the others.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

super valu march 7th-13th

ragu 1.50
(buy 2 and get free pasta, coupon in flye

saltine crackers2/3$

pork loin 1.79lb

jif 2$
$1 off Smucker's Spread AND Jif Peanut Butter, exp. 3-31 (RP 1/3/10)

manwich 1$

pillsbury grand biscuits 1$
$1/1 Pillsbury Frozen Grands! printable
$0.30/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands Biscuits, exp. 5-29 (SS 3/7/10)
$0.30/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands!, exp. 3-27-10 (GM 1/3/10)

sunshine round top bread .98

jays potato chips 3/5$

prairie farms sour cream or dip 1.50

smuckers jelly's or perserves 2$
$1 off Smucker's Spread AND Jif Peanut Butter, exp. 3-31 (RP 1/3/10)

(both of these are on sale, so use that coupon!)  wish i hadn't left my extra coupon on the shelf in IGA, oh well i'm sure the 4 containers of Jif are enough for a while.)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shopping March 9th

Wal Mart 
I got oxy wash 1.96  reeces for the boys .50, purex 5.00, bar m hot dogs .88, 4-pull up wipes 1.72(.72 after coupons), 2-huggies 40 ct wipes 1$ (clearance) , jello cups 1$, salt .54, animal cracker 1.94, flour 1.50(.75 after coupons)

i also got a wallet and a new booster seat for B, but I don't count those towards this budget.

i spent out of pocket 22
amount saved  7
total value  29$
total saved  24%

I also went to CVS

Had a great run there.. I got 2 Nivea lip 2.99 on sale (used a b1g1 coupon and 1$/1 coupon)  toothbrush 4.00 (.75 coupon)  I used 5$ in ECB but earned 7.98

out of pocket 1 (actually .86)
total saved  12
total value  13
total % saved 92%


out of pocket 23
total saved  19
total value 42
total % saved  45%

I'm probally not going to IGA this week.. I will probally go to Super Valu tomorrow.


MOMS home

My mom was discharged from the hospital today!!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Wasn't it a great day today... Wasn't the weather great.

We had a few bumps in our day, but doesn't a nice sunny day make it seem so much better.

Here are some pix from our time outside.

I realize that thier are a lot  of pictures of N and only a couple of E, but N was so excited, and just climbing everything, things he couldn't do last year.. For him this is the first real summer that he gets to go play.  Plus E just wasn't to into his picture being taken today.

E also had his dentist appointment today, I will probally post about that later (it was also a great appointment, with some bumps.) I will post later.. it is late and I am tired

see ya


dial bodywash coupon

check out survivingthestores for the link for this 1$/1 any size dial body wash.

I will need this link later on to print this, since my printer is down, after my mischevious 3  year old was messing with the black ink the other day in the bathroom..

carlyle IGA March 7th-13th

Cheerios's 2.49
$1/1 Cheerios Original printable
$1/2 Cheerios Cereal, exp. 4-3-10 (SS 02/21/10)

prairie farms oj  1.99

edy's icecream, frozen yogurt, and sherbert 2.49
$1/1 Edy's Product, exp. 3-15-10 (SS 01/31/10)

white bread .88

Brook's chili beans .89

banquet pot pies .69
(i've seen these as low as .50 in the past)

that is most of it

i do believe their where soem coupns mailed out, but i think mine have been misplaced so i don't know what those deals are.. sorry


Sunday, March 7, 2010

a few walmart deals

olay total effects 5.47
1$/1 coupon (2/14/10 rp
15$ mir

clorox toilet wand 9.99
5$/1 coupon
5$ mir

old spice redzone wash 1.7oz .99
3$/2   pg 2/21/10

check out for more

making playdough

Today E and I made play dough.. it was fun.  Here is the link with some recipes if you are interested.

it got thick quickly and was hard to stir..
so we turned it out of the pan and kneaded it
started adding some color

I should add that the playdough quickly became "rainbow" playdough.  It is now one color.
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