Wednesday, March 31, 2010

N broke his wrist

On monday I was cleaning the garage.   N climbed into the stroller, and it tipped backwards.  At first I was worried about the fact that he hit his head.  I held him for a while.. washed off his hands, and put some frozen peas on his head (on and off).  Eventually I let him go to sleep.

After he woke up he was very fussy, and I noticed that he wasn't using his left arm a whole lot.  Also when I messed with his wrist a little he would whine.  Their was no noticable swelling.  I called the doctor, and made an appointment for tues morning.  I wanted to give it some time to see what happened.  After I got off the phone I started to worry, if I should have just seen if I could have just got him in, or if I needed to go to the ER.  We gave him some tylenol and he seemed better, although he still wasn't using that arm/hand much.

The next day he seemed better, so I cancelled our appoinment, but then after seeing more of him babing that arm, I called  to see if we could still get in, we could.  His appointment was at 10:30, so I went and dropped off E at preschool and n and I went to the Doctors.  He of course ordered X-rays. 

After the Doctors appointment I went and picked up E, and then we went back to the hospital for N's x-rays.  Then we just had to wait.. well run and wait anyway

(this next paragraph is just about my day and E;s picture)

E had a appointment (i thought) to get his yearly picture taken at 1:30, and it was 12:30 when we left the hospital, and I still had to get his clothes together.  So we made a quick trip through Mck D's and went home to eat very quickly.  We ate and changed clothes and went on our way.  We got thier at 1:30 only to find out that our appointment was march 31st. (today)  they  ended up getting us in at 2:30.  So to kill some time we went to Sears and did some sale shopping.  I found a long sleeve shirt for N for next year.  Then it was almost 2:30 and we went back.  At Portriat Inovations it took forever to get it (they where very busy with Easter pictures.)  then they where printed but, one of the employee's found some smudges that she wanted to fix, so we had to wait again.  Finally we got the pictures... They are great.  check back later and I will try to post them. 

on the way back I called the Docors office, but they didn't have the results back.  So I went home and started supper.  It was at this time that the Doctor called back and said it was fractured and we had to go to childrens hospital to the ER.  So my mother in law came over and S and I took N to the hospital. 

The ER was actually not a long ordeal.  It seems like they got us in fairly quickly.  They decided not to cast or splint it.  The doctor explained it that it was like if you tried to break a piece of green wood or  stick.  you know it doesn't break all the way.  That is how his wrist/arm is.  and that it should heal very quickly, becuase it really does at this age.  She said a cast or splint would just agravate him.  So no splint or cast

we have a appointment with a orthapedist next week

i appolligize now for spelling errors, becuase i am not going back to check them.  N just woke up and is crabbyn

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