Thursday, July 30, 2009

grocery Shopping

so today was a shopping day. I went to CVS, Super Value, and IGA. Here are the deals I used. Check out CVS--I made money.

Super Value

Prarie Farms 4 qrt pail 3.99
(with 15$ purchase)

Jacks Pizza 4/9.98

Kraft Mac and Cheese 4/1.95 (great time to stock up)

Dole Classic Salad $.99

Kelloggs Cereal (assorted types) 2/3$ with coupon in flyer
this is a great deal (although it would of been better with some coupons.

2% milk $1.89 with coupon in flyer

diet lean ground beef $1.97

simply orange 2/3.95

bi color corn 3/1.00

JIF or Smuckers peanut butter 2/3.95

Hunts Tomato sauce 3/2.50 (i think this is the best i have seen in a while)

Lotta pops 2/3.95

Post Cereal 2/3.95...........2/2.95 with coupon
1$/2 in 7/26 S (smart source)
1$/2 in 6/21 S (smart source)

flavorite ketchup and bbq sauce 1$

flavorite animal crackers 1.25$ (these are really good)

Tostino's 4/6$


Lays potato chips 2/4$

oreos 2/6$

Prarie farms OJ 2/3$

Yoplait yogurt 8 count 2.99

IGA Pizza 5/10$ we bought two, just to try them.

seedless grapes .99/ lb

ground chuck 1.99/lb

Kelloggs cereal 2/5$

IGA buns .99

IGA hamburger dill slices 1.99

oscar mayer balogna and salami 2/4$
(i think there is a coupon for this, but can't find it)

IGA vegitables .99 (great to stock up on)

honey wheat bread 1.99
IGA coupon for BOGO

What i spent and Saved

Super Valu
spent 39$
Saved 22$

spent 19$
Saved 9$


I bought
two packages of M&M's
Two 5 inch Scissors ( I had a raincheck for these 2.99, get 2.99 in ECB)

I had two coupons for Get a mars candy free

The cashier gave me the Scissors at the current price 2.99 BOGO(and still gave me my 6$ in ECB)

out of pocket .08
ECB spent 2.97
ECB earned 6.00

WOOHOO i made money (3$ in ECB)
if you are wondering why i list all of these, I do it partly to give readers match ups, but also I want to keep track of sales. I think it may help me save more. I am trying to lower my food budget. Generally I spend around 80$, I would like to lower that to 50$. Today I spent 60$, that is for the whole week. I think i did pretty good. Check back for future reports


Fly Lady

Ok so this is late. really i am going to try to get this up on Mon, but i didn't this week so i will do it now

this week


clean cobwebs
clean windows
wash ornaments and what nots
wipe fingerprints fromwalls
clean under cushions
move furniture and vacuum
shampoo the rug

Home Blessings
wash mirrors and windows
change sheets
empty all trash

so i have continued to do bad at following the routines and getting stuff done, but it is another week so we will try again.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Holiday World

So on Thur we went to Holiday World in Santa Clause Indiana. We had a blast. The boys really enjoyed themselves as did S and I. This is our second trip and just like the first we were very pleased with how clean it was and with how friendly everyone was. The free soda and sunscreen also helped.

We find that B and E were able to ride many rides. E frequently had to be accompanied by an adult, but B could ride without. This worked out Wonderfully for us, as one of us could take both of them on a ride, while the other stayed with N. They also have kiddie rides that smaller children under 54 inches could ride. They do have the height restrictions on their website.
This time we stayed at a Motes 6, for one night and then headed to S dads house. But there are many different Lodging options around holiday world. I personally want to try Lake Rudolph camp ground and RV (you can rent there) and what i noticed new was Santa's Cottages. The last time we went we stayed at Santa's lodge.

So if you have 't figured it out we enjoyed our mini vacation. Besides Holiday World, we also enjoyed spending the night at the In-Laws house. The boys enjoyed seeing the chickens, picking blackberries, and spending time with Maud(their cousin)
here are some pictures

one of the kids rides

E on a kids ride

N in the holitown area

B and E right before they went into the water...
aren't they cute

us on the merry go round
this is near the entrance.

E driving one of the antique cars
B driving with dad and nolan in the passanger seat
we found this on our last visit. It is also in Santa Clause, Indiana. We usually buy some candy canes and write a letter to Santa, but that is it. (being that we are cheap, we didn't indulge in some other options there.)
us on the front steps

B and E writing letters to Santa. They have a mailbox to mail them in, and if you want you can purchase postage, that will guarantee a letter from Santa in return.

the boys in front of the candy counter.

look at all those candy canes. I got cotton candy, The boys got Blue Berry, and S got (I can't remember now what he got.)

Our last stop was at Grandpa and Grandma Connie's house. The boys really enjoyed the Chickens and picking blueberries. They also spent a lot of time with their cousin Maud. Here are a couple of pictures from there house. Grandpa had a fish fry and we got to see lots of relatives.

B picking blackberries

Uncle Sonny holding Nolan.

There are also other attractions around the area

here are some links from Rudolphs campground
local attractions

on our first trip we went to the indiana railway meusum and took a train ride. It was neat but very hot.

If you have older kids there is some
Lincolns boyhood home

Indiana Baseball hall of Fame
(we haven't been here yet, but i'm sure we will at some point)

and this is just a few, just start browsing through the hotel links to find local attractions, there really are alot.

well I got to go to bed


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Super Value

Today's shopping trip went pretty well

i got 57 items
i spent 85.18
saved 30.96

They had some pretty good deals

general mills cereal. 5.50/2
4$ store coupon if you buy 4
general mills coupons
also some coupons on

Kellogs mini wheats2/4.50
i had a coupon for 1.50/2

bag of salad .99

skim mild 1.99

select lunchables 1.00

flavorite animal crackers 3/5$
These are really good.

starkist tuna 3/2.00

leg quarters .59 lb

see ya all later


Monday, July 20, 2009


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. (only this week it is not my kids.)

NOT MY CHILD: my very potty trained child who is 3, has not pooped in his pants almost daily

NOT MY CHILD: my very very potty trained 5 year old had not been peeing in his pants.

NOT MY CHILD: they didn't tell me "your fired"

NOT MY CHILD: my very well behaved older children did not paint the basement floor and walls with paint that was in the basement.

NOT MY CHILD: my child who is perfect in everyway, didnt' use a cup to dump bathtub water out of the bathtub, durring his bath.

oh one more

NOT MY CHILD: he wouldn't pull down his pants to pee outside, and then WAVE at the neighbors and then pull up his pants and go back to playing, no not my child he would never do that...

oh and the baby isn't playing with my plants either, nor is he getting dirt all over my living room floor.

yea right..

the joys of having BOYS!!



fly lady

well i realize i haven't posted this in a while, and that is becuase i had fallen off of the wagon..
so here i go again, trying to get back on that wagon...

this week is Master Bedroom and Bath

Master Bedroom Detailed Cleaning List



Polish Mirrors and Doors
Purge magazines
Change Sheets
Empty all trash

later all


Friday, July 17, 2009

county fair...pix heavy


thur nite at the fair.

n first merry go round ride

tropical sno

e first ride

b is on this ride, but check out the rainbow

B first ride on the kiddie rollar coaster.. he was very excited and seemed to like it but didnt' want to do it again.

looking at the animals on Tues Morning

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

printable coupons

while trolling the net.. i found a post on couponing101. it was a coupon for 1$ of off 2 breyers yogurt.

when on sale this could be free or close to free for me (since i've never seen yogurt go to $.50 but it would still be pretty cheap)

here is the link to couponing101



Monday, July 13, 2009

CVS trip

so i got
3 packages of pens...

2 glue
2 notebooks
all of these were free. (paid say .99 cents and got .99 cents in ecb)

i also picked up 6 folders at .05cents each.

total spent .24 cents

total ecb used 7$

total ecb earned. 7.43

i got a raincheck on scissors.
also they have free with ecb photobooks. in the circular they say limit one, but on line they say limit 5. I plan to go back and get these. a quick way to see if you have reached you limit is by looking at your receit , under this weeks ecb deals, it will list the deals you have used and if you have reached the limit for that particular item.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Alice in Wonder Land Jr. and other news

We went to see Alice in Wonderland Jr. on Sat night. It was very cute. Grant did a GREAT job. We could see that he was really enjoying himself. I also caught that he knew not only his own lines but others also. It was so cute.

In other news in our house

Aunt Suzie has given us a VHS player. she had one that was a DVD/VHS that had a broken DVD. They were no longer using it, and when she heard that we didn't have one and couldn't watch a movie that she was offering to lend us. She offered us this player. The boys have really enjoyed it. So far they have watched the Grinch multiple times. We also pulled out videos that i still have. They watched some of our wedding and Cinderella.

Our neighbors behind us have moved out. We will miss them. They have a little girl about 2 years older than b, and a baby a little older than N. They left a message on my facebook the other day asking if we would like there daughters old swing set. This was so nice of them. We had just been talking about them not having swings after they moved ( the boys would play on it and there daughter would play on our play stuff) We really appreciate it. Today i went to walmart and bought some paint to paint it.

Lastly, while I was at walmart i picked up paint swatches/colors. S and I have been talking about painting a little in the house. We have talked about this since we did the boys room. (it is the only room with color) out of the colors I brought home we picked colors for our bedroom, bathroom, and sun room. The kitchen/living room is going to be tricky, and i may need help deciding... may have to call up Aunt Sue for some assistance.

Well i better get going.



CVS---school supplies

CVS sales for today and tomorrow include school supplies. many of these supplies end up free after ECB's.

for example a notepad may be .99 but you also get .99 back in ECB.

check out dealseeking mom or other blogs that i have buttons for on the side of my blog.. (couponing101 has a great article on school supplies check it out.)

I'm sure there are other sales out there for school supplies. Where do you go to get a good deal?

have a great day


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Free Samples

Check out the free samples from walmart.

Walmart samples

it seems that every few days i have samples in my mailbox..

check out for more.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

busy, busy

I thought i better come and post. it had been a while, and really if i don't do it regularly i will get out of the habit of doing it.

We as usual have been busy doing summer things here. (i am so glad that i am home to enjoy doing these things with s and the boys.

yesterday and today we went swimming. We thank Carol, Mary, and Uncle Don for letting us swim in there pools. The boys are getting so much better at swimming. The are now swimming all over the pools with their floaties on. B will jump off of the first step and propel himself forward. (neither of them will jump off of the side, but that will come) it is just amazing to me that today they were all over the pool and S and I were sitting on chairs watching. THEY DIDN'T EVEN NEED US IN THE POOL!! isn't that great!!

OH yesterday S and B went to the movie Ice Age. I had won tickets. (check out sweetie sweeps)

Our Plans for the next few Weeks
go see Alice in Wonderland..Cousin G is in it. (anyone else want to go with us??)
the County Fair
Holiday World (23) and then G-pa and G-ma Connies (24)
magic house (hopefully)
The Zoo agian (hopefully)

and i am sure we will decide at the last minute a time or two to do somthing or other.



Friday, July 3, 2009

Grants Farm

today we went to grants farm. the boys had a blast.
They enjoyed the tram ride into and around the park. we couldn't believe how close some of the animals were. The first thing we did was go to the animal show. Next we walked around and saw some of the animals. We did eat a snack, we shared a pretzel with cheese and soda. Near the end of our day we feed the goats and camels. The boys really enjoyed feeding the goats. B enjoyed feeding the camels also but E was scared and only feed them once. The last thing we did was go to the house where the wagons are kept, and some more horses, and goats (and had our complimentary beer). it was a great trip. we timed it just right getting there about opening time and leaving at about 1pm. We ate a snack inside, but had lunch waiting in the car for us (peanut butter and jelly)
parking was 11$
admission was free
carousel 3$ i think (we didn't go on it)
goat milk 1$ per bottle
feed .50 cents. (for camels, they also have for ducks ect)
snow cones 3$ (we didn't get these either)
snack for us was $8.50 (pretzel with cheese and two soda's)
they did have a kind of pass thing that cost 5$, it was good for a carousel ride, goat milk, and a snowcone. (but don't quoate me on that)
you will have to excuse my pix i left my camera at mary and carols last weekend and these pix were taken with my video camera.
B, E, N in front of the Budweiser wagon.
B and E by one of the small horses. E was a little
Scared and was moving away.

B in by the donkey

B feeding a camel. he really liked this. E didn't though.
E feed one but was scared after that.

E feeding the goats

the eagle owl at the animal show

B, E, Dad, and N at the animal show

some animals on the side of the road, on the tram ride

The boys feeding the goats



Wednesday, July 1, 2009


it is the begining of the month, so new coupons are up. Check them out at



SMARTSOURCE (deal seeking mom's website.)

don't forget you can print out two of each.

get there fast, these do have a print limit, not just for you, but for the total number printed out.

have a great day


thanks to for the great coupons. check out her site, it is great.
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