Friday, July 3, 2009

Grants Farm

today we went to grants farm. the boys had a blast.
They enjoyed the tram ride into and around the park. we couldn't believe how close some of the animals were. The first thing we did was go to the animal show. Next we walked around and saw some of the animals. We did eat a snack, we shared a pretzel with cheese and soda. Near the end of our day we feed the goats and camels. The boys really enjoyed feeding the goats. B enjoyed feeding the camels also but E was scared and only feed them once. The last thing we did was go to the house where the wagons are kept, and some more horses, and goats (and had our complimentary beer). it was a great trip. we timed it just right getting there about opening time and leaving at about 1pm. We ate a snack inside, but had lunch waiting in the car for us (peanut butter and jelly)
parking was 11$
admission was free
carousel 3$ i think (we didn't go on it)
goat milk 1$ per bottle
feed .50 cents. (for camels, they also have for ducks ect)
snow cones 3$ (we didn't get these either)
snack for us was $8.50 (pretzel with cheese and two soda's)
they did have a kind of pass thing that cost 5$, it was good for a carousel ride, goat milk, and a snowcone. (but don't quoate me on that)
you will have to excuse my pix i left my camera at mary and carols last weekend and these pix were taken with my video camera.
B, E, N in front of the Budweiser wagon.
B and E by one of the small horses. E was a little
Scared and was moving away.

B in by the donkey

B feeding a camel. he really liked this. E didn't though.
E feed one but was scared after that.

E feeding the goats

the eagle owl at the animal show

B, E, Dad, and N at the animal show

some animals on the side of the road, on the tram ride

The boys feeding the goats



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