Sunday, July 12, 2009

Alice in Wonder Land Jr. and other news

We went to see Alice in Wonderland Jr. on Sat night. It was very cute. Grant did a GREAT job. We could see that he was really enjoying himself. I also caught that he knew not only his own lines but others also. It was so cute.

In other news in our house

Aunt Suzie has given us a VHS player. she had one that was a DVD/VHS that had a broken DVD. They were no longer using it, and when she heard that we didn't have one and couldn't watch a movie that she was offering to lend us. She offered us this player. The boys have really enjoyed it. So far they have watched the Grinch multiple times. We also pulled out videos that i still have. They watched some of our wedding and Cinderella.

Our neighbors behind us have moved out. We will miss them. They have a little girl about 2 years older than b, and a baby a little older than N. They left a message on my facebook the other day asking if we would like there daughters old swing set. This was so nice of them. We had just been talking about them not having swings after they moved ( the boys would play on it and there daughter would play on our play stuff) We really appreciate it. Today i went to walmart and bought some paint to paint it.

Lastly, while I was at walmart i picked up paint swatches/colors. S and I have been talking about painting a little in the house. We have talked about this since we did the boys room. (it is the only room with color) out of the colors I brought home we picked colors for our bedroom, bathroom, and sun room. The kitchen/living room is going to be tricky, and i may need help deciding... may have to call up Aunt Sue for some assistance.

Well i better get going.



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