Thursday, July 30, 2009

grocery Shopping

so today was a shopping day. I went to CVS, Super Value, and IGA. Here are the deals I used. Check out CVS--I made money.

Super Value

Prarie Farms 4 qrt pail 3.99
(with 15$ purchase)

Jacks Pizza 4/9.98

Kraft Mac and Cheese 4/1.95 (great time to stock up)

Dole Classic Salad $.99

Kelloggs Cereal (assorted types) 2/3$ with coupon in flyer
this is a great deal (although it would of been better with some coupons.

2% milk $1.89 with coupon in flyer

diet lean ground beef $1.97

simply orange 2/3.95

bi color corn 3/1.00

JIF or Smuckers peanut butter 2/3.95

Hunts Tomato sauce 3/2.50 (i think this is the best i have seen in a while)

Lotta pops 2/3.95

Post Cereal 2/3.95...........2/2.95 with coupon
1$/2 in 7/26 S (smart source)
1$/2 in 6/21 S (smart source)

flavorite ketchup and bbq sauce 1$

flavorite animal crackers 1.25$ (these are really good)

Tostino's 4/6$


Lays potato chips 2/4$

oreos 2/6$

Prarie farms OJ 2/3$

Yoplait yogurt 8 count 2.99

IGA Pizza 5/10$ we bought two, just to try them.

seedless grapes .99/ lb

ground chuck 1.99/lb

Kelloggs cereal 2/5$

IGA buns .99

IGA hamburger dill slices 1.99

oscar mayer balogna and salami 2/4$
(i think there is a coupon for this, but can't find it)

IGA vegitables .99 (great to stock up on)

honey wheat bread 1.99
IGA coupon for BOGO

What i spent and Saved

Super Valu
spent 39$
Saved 22$

spent 19$
Saved 9$


I bought
two packages of M&M's
Two 5 inch Scissors ( I had a raincheck for these 2.99, get 2.99 in ECB)

I had two coupons for Get a mars candy free

The cashier gave me the Scissors at the current price 2.99 BOGO(and still gave me my 6$ in ECB)

out of pocket .08
ECB spent 2.97
ECB earned 6.00

WOOHOO i made money (3$ in ECB)
if you are wondering why i list all of these, I do it partly to give readers match ups, but also I want to keep track of sales. I think it may help me save more. I am trying to lower my food budget. Generally I spend around 80$, I would like to lower that to 50$. Today I spent 60$, that is for the whole week. I think i did pretty good. Check back for future reports


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