Monday, July 27, 2009

Holiday World

So on Thur we went to Holiday World in Santa Clause Indiana. We had a blast. The boys really enjoyed themselves as did S and I. This is our second trip and just like the first we were very pleased with how clean it was and with how friendly everyone was. The free soda and sunscreen also helped.

We find that B and E were able to ride many rides. E frequently had to be accompanied by an adult, but B could ride without. This worked out Wonderfully for us, as one of us could take both of them on a ride, while the other stayed with N. They also have kiddie rides that smaller children under 54 inches could ride. They do have the height restrictions on their website.
This time we stayed at a Motes 6, for one night and then headed to S dads house. But there are many different Lodging options around holiday world. I personally want to try Lake Rudolph camp ground and RV (you can rent there) and what i noticed new was Santa's Cottages. The last time we went we stayed at Santa's lodge.

So if you have 't figured it out we enjoyed our mini vacation. Besides Holiday World, we also enjoyed spending the night at the In-Laws house. The boys enjoyed seeing the chickens, picking blackberries, and spending time with Maud(their cousin)
here are some pictures

one of the kids rides

E on a kids ride

N in the holitown area

B and E right before they went into the water...
aren't they cute

us on the merry go round
this is near the entrance.

E driving one of the antique cars
B driving with dad and nolan in the passanger seat
we found this on our last visit. It is also in Santa Clause, Indiana. We usually buy some candy canes and write a letter to Santa, but that is it. (being that we are cheap, we didn't indulge in some other options there.)
us on the front steps

B and E writing letters to Santa. They have a mailbox to mail them in, and if you want you can purchase postage, that will guarantee a letter from Santa in return.

the boys in front of the candy counter.

look at all those candy canes. I got cotton candy, The boys got Blue Berry, and S got (I can't remember now what he got.)

Our last stop was at Grandpa and Grandma Connie's house. The boys really enjoyed the Chickens and picking blueberries. They also spent a lot of time with their cousin Maud. Here are a couple of pictures from there house. Grandpa had a fish fry and we got to see lots of relatives.

B picking blackberries

Uncle Sonny holding Nolan.

There are also other attractions around the area

here are some links from Rudolphs campground
local attractions

on our first trip we went to the indiana railway meusum and took a train ride. It was neat but very hot.

If you have older kids there is some
Lincolns boyhood home

Indiana Baseball hall of Fame
(we haven't been here yet, but i'm sure we will at some point)

and this is just a few, just start browsing through the hotel links to find local attractions, there really are alot.

well I got to go to bed


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