Wednesday, July 8, 2009

busy, busy

I thought i better come and post. it had been a while, and really if i don't do it regularly i will get out of the habit of doing it.

We as usual have been busy doing summer things here. (i am so glad that i am home to enjoy doing these things with s and the boys.

yesterday and today we went swimming. We thank Carol, Mary, and Uncle Don for letting us swim in there pools. The boys are getting so much better at swimming. The are now swimming all over the pools with their floaties on. B will jump off of the first step and propel himself forward. (neither of them will jump off of the side, but that will come) it is just amazing to me that today they were all over the pool and S and I were sitting on chairs watching. THEY DIDN'T EVEN NEED US IN THE POOL!! isn't that great!!

OH yesterday S and B went to the movie Ice Age. I had won tickets. (check out sweetie sweeps)

Our Plans for the next few Weeks
go see Alice in Wonderland..Cousin G is in it. (anyone else want to go with us??)
the County Fair
Holiday World (23) and then G-pa and G-ma Connies (24)
magic house (hopefully)
The Zoo agian (hopefully)

and i am sure we will decide at the last minute a time or two to do somthing or other.



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