Tuesday, June 9, 2009

menu and super value trip

WEN: Roast
THUR: Beefaroni
FRI: Pork Chops (or out with the aunts)
SAT: CHicken
SUN: pork steak
MON: Chicken
TUES: spaghetti

disclaimer: this is subject to change. frequently we eat what is on the meun but on different days than listed.


sweet baby rays...3/2.95 (.99)
1.oo coupon (5/10 smart source)

Sara Lee Bread 1.99
1$ coupon (5/31 red plum)

Stone Ridge icecream or sherbert 2/3.50
coupon in flyer (8th-14th)
1.75 each

Kellogs Cereal (select varieties) 2/3.95 (1.98)
1.00$ coupon (6/7 redplum)
.98 each

Flavorite Shredded Cheese 3/2.95
coupon in flyer (8-14th)
.98 each

Pop Tarts 2.75
.55 coupon (6/7 red plum)
2.20 each

Purex 2/3.88
coupon in flyer (8th-14th)
1.94 each

2% prarie farms
1.99 each

Chicken Breast
1.89 /lb

motts applesauce

This obviously wasn't all i bought but these were the deals that i thought were worth talking about.

breakdown of this trip
spent 83.67
saved 41.65
total value 127
percent saved 33%

i may end up going back to pick up some things agian. like the cheese, and purex.



cummalitive spending 1125
cummalitive saved: 426
total value 1550
percent saved 27%

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