Friday, June 12, 2009

swag bucks and you data

ok so i have talked about you data and swag bucks before, but i just wanted to revisit it.

swag bucks: you use there search engine (which utilizes google) and you randomly get swagbucks, or you can find a code. code hints are posted on swagbuck facebook, twitter, or there blog. so far i have gotten 15$ in amazon gift cards..i'm saving to buy laundry detergent..or something simular. (a 5$ amazon card cost 45 swagbucks)here is a link

you will find at the bottom of my blog a swagbuck widget or try this (if it works). register, and search and earn.

youdata: my data pays you to look at adds. sometimes i make as little as 15 cents a week other weeks i make 1-4 dollars. really it is easy you go to there site and register. when you log in you can check what adds that they have (or have picked for you according to the data you gave them., interest ect) you click the links, up pops the web page.. (you can look it over or just close it) and they pay you for this. easy peasy.
here is a link to sign up under me.

if your wondering, yes i do earn off of others signing up under me, but really i have earned with both of these without others, and thought i would pass them on to others. neither is a big money maker but they are easy and bring in a little extra. check them out



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