Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Costumes 75% off at Walmart

Yes, 75% off, that makes most costumes 5$ and under. and they have tons left.

I personally didn't find anything I liked for the boys, but that is ok something will work out for that. But they did have a lot of girls princess costumes, and some of those were Disney princess costumes.

I bought one costume, it is a little fairy costume, for my niece Miss M. It is going to be part of her Christmas gift. I started buying her dress up clothes on her 2nd birthday(it was a small chest with some clothes) and I have just kept on that path.. since she has the chest and all ya know...

I also need to post about my shopping trips this week, including this walmart run.. I will do that as soon as I get all of my receipts together.

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