Friday, November 20, 2009

Adventures in Meatballs

S always talks about how he would like spaghetti and meatballs. So a few weeks ago i got the idea of making some meatballs and just freezing them to use as needed. I thought I will just make them like I would make meatloaf.

Well I was uncertain about temp and time (although I could have guessed i guess) so i went to to see if I could find a recipe for plain ole meatballs. Really I had no luck at that, but I did find this recipe Our Canada Meatballs (Not Your Average Meatballs). 

Let me tell you they are pretty good.  The recipe made 32.  I made a few adjustments, for example, I didn't have any onion soup, so I used tastefully simple onion onion dip mix.  Also I added two eggs to the meat, and some bread crumbs.  Also I only breaded half of them (I ran out of Cracker crumbs)  but I do like the breaded ones better.  I think the cheese and bacon in the middle make these so yummy.

Ethan helped me make them.  he poored ingredients together, and coated the meatballs with cracker crumbs after I dipped them in the egg.  It was fun.  Although now my house is all smokey

here is E and N enjoying the meatballs for lunch

This is the mess that N made while E and I made meatballs.  This is partly picked up though  (I hate this cabinet anyone with ideas how to better organize it drop me a line.)

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  1. So this is what E was telling me on the phone. Sounds like fun, no wonder he was so excited! Can't wait for the day I can understand everything he says!


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