Sunday, October 18, 2009


It looks like a good week at IGA

IGA orange Juice 1.78 (will have to try this one)

Canned Veggies (IGA brand) 2/.98

IGA mac n cheese 3/.99 (may have to try these also)

Chilli Beans 2/.98

Bleach .99

Bunny 100% whole wheat bread 1.59

Jumbo Holiday Seedless Grapes 1.79 lb

Dinty Moore Beef Stew 4/5$ (1.25 each)
2$/3 10/18 SS

Hormil Chilli with Beans 4/5$
2$/3 10/18 SS

Pam spary 2/5$

Willy Wonka fun sized candy 1.88

Wesson oil 2.99

campbells tomato and chicken noodle soup 4/3$ (.75 each)
.40/4 10/04 SS
.40/4 9/13 SS

Swason Broth 4/3$
.40/3 9/27 SS

Hunts Tomato Sauce 5/2$ (8oz cans)

Juicey Juice
.50/2 8/9 RP

Prarie Farms sour cream or dip .99
prarie farms web site

banquet pot pies 5/3$

IGA white bread .88

Flour 1.49

IGA pasta .99

IGA salad dressing 2/3$

There are lots on this list that I want to get, or at least try. I wonder what their Mac N Cheese taste like. I will let you all know what I think. Can't wait to go grocery shopping this week, to bad I just went.


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