Friday, October 30, 2009

Christmas planning

I don't know about you all, but I have started my Christmas Shopping. I know everyone will be asking me what the boys want I thought I would just start a list. This list will be ongoing.. I will add or delete as I think or learn of things

Now this list is going to be a combination of things I think the boys would like, and also things they have said they would like (and maybe what I have gotten them)

I will bookmark this

b size 5-6
E size 4T
N 18mth


play golf clubs.

vsmile games (see under bry's name)


coloring books/crayons

remote cars (thier is a truck that also talks he seems to think that looks cool, but it is kind of expensive)


work books Kindergarden level.. he really does like doing those work pages.

coloring books/crayons


v smile games.. we have v smile motion and a regular v smile hand held game.. these games are interchangable so they will work for both.

Leap frog scribble and write (i thought this was neat) can be for b or E (more for B right now though)

tunnel.. this one is on amazon for around 20$ i think all three boys would like it. We had one in the past.

Rub a dub stickers for the tub (they are foam) we have letters, but could use new letters.. so it is up to you.. the picture is of cars and roads..) or just tub toys really.
i think B and N would also like trucks, or cars, or trains, puzzles are good also..

for b or E
imagination puzzle (i think) we have a abc one.. the one picture is matching colors and textures. educational things..(we got the abc one from toys r us i think.. or online at toys r us last year)
For N
, toy phone or remote.. something to push (ball popper ect nothing really big)

we had this leap frog radia and n seemed to like it.. but the older boys took it outside so this if you want.


scott and I
scott wants some cologne
i think we need,
a eggcrate for the bed (or something simular)
a small freezer (??)
i need tennis shoes (size 8)
gift cards

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