Sunday, October 4, 2009

E's first day of preschool!!

E is now attending the Preschool at Central High School. For those who are not familiar, there is a High School class (it was childcare when I attended Central) that runs the Preschool. The High School Students are supervised by their teacher, Mrs D. The Preschool is from 10:10- 11:30 on Tues and Thur.

B also attended this Preschool and he really enjoyed himself. This time though it is E's turn. I was a little worried about how E would do on his first day (he is after all a mommas boy) . Generally when I leave E he almost always becomes upset and tearful, and can be hard to calm (sometimes).

The first day went really well. We went, E was very excited. When we got to school he did become very shy and was hiding behind me (I got some good pix of this) eventually we started playing together, then I stood to the side, and eventually I was able to leave with no trauma.

You would think after the first day, the second day would be easier.. nope, no such luck. E became very upset on the second day, and I ended up just leaving him..(we all know how hard that can be ) the teacher (Mrs D.) informed me when I returned that he had cried for quiet a while and eventually they had to just leave him alone, and then he started to participate.

I think on Tues I am going to try to play again, and then stand up again.. if that doesn't work I will just leave again, only this time I will have him wave at the window (for some reason he does better if he can wave goodbye. We will see what happens.

anyway here are some pix from his first day!!!
all excited at home

not so excited when we first get there
hidding behind his hands
playing a little (this is just before I left)
all in all that first day was great.. second day not so much..
I think he does like it over all though!!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my Not Me post! My aunt teaches a child development class for high school kids and every spring they do a preschool too. I just love that parents send their children to the preschool and I know the high school kids love playing with children. To me, it's a great experience for everyone involved!


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