Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wool Soaker

In case you didn't know I cloth Diaper N.  I really like my cloth Diapers, not just becuase they are cheap (well actually they can be expensive if you buy a lot, or buy the more expensive ones)  but man they are so darn cute.

I have been short on covers recently but found some resources and this is what happened!

I made a wool soaker.   Actually I took a Wool sweater, that had shrunk, shrunk it some more and then hand sewed it to make a soaker.  These things are water proof, and breathable.  And I need Diaper covers (if you didn't already know I cloth Diaper with N)  So here is a picture of my first ever Wool Soaker.  It isn't perfect, and it needs some kind of Tie at the top.

here the soaker is lanolizing (really it is just soaking in some melted lanolin and a couple of drops of baby wash.  It will make it waterproof and clean it.

and lastly here is a sidewasy N wearing his wool soaker.

I got the idea from here
I do have one issue.. i made the leg holes a little tight, they where fine when I first put it on him, but after I attached the wrist cuffs they seem snug and while trying to stretch them I made a hole.. but I can fix that Later.  And like I said, I need elastic or a tie at top (although right now pants may be fine)

Since I can make 2 from one sweater I am going to make another.  Then with the arms I am going to make Longies.  With this Tutorial or this one

what I have learned about wool is, that it is naturally antibacterial, it doesn't need to be washed everytime it is wet, It may need to be lanolized occasionally to maintain it's asorbancy/waterproofness, It is breathable, and lastly it can be cute and sometimes cheap (if you make your own anyway.. I have learned Cloth Diapering Can be anything but cheap sometimes if you aren't carefull) 

.. This is just a plain red one, I know I have a dark patern wool sweater, I think I will try making those into longies, with a red waistband.. It just depends what I can find.

So  if you have any wool sweaters that have been accidentlly shunk, let me have them I can use them!!

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