Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ECO friendly or save money

I have such a hard time wrestling with this question.  In some cases it has a very easy answer, Eco friendly.  It is easy when it comes to everyday cleaners.. I use Vinegar and other natural products.  

My 2 most recent debates (in my head anyway)  where the finish cleaner that was right at a dollar and light bulbs that where under a dollar for 4.   I caved and got both. 

 Usually I try to by green, I like 7th generation for my dishwasher, and I buy the good light bulbs.  But I just couldnt' pass up the good deals this time.  And then I read this article about different dishwasher detergents and the problems with some of the GREEN ones. 

Well let me tell you I spent a good portion of my evening cleaning off the gunk that was covering the parts at the bottom of my dishwasher, and my dishes have been down right nasty.  (just like the article said)  I really want to try the Methold since the author mentioned she liked it best (i haven't tried it), but I just have a problem spending so much more than what I could for other stuff.

Unknown territory for me is Laundry Detergent.. I made my own a few times (are you suprised probally not)  and it was eco friendly ( borax, baking something, and kirks castile bar)  but S didn't really like it.

So I guess the answer for my house, is that I will probally continue to switch between what is cheaper and what is better for the enviroment.  and that this probally wont' be the last time I spend a long amount of time cleaning out the dishwasher.

on the idea of recycle.. Check back for what I made for N with a recycled Wool Sweater!!


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