Wednesday, January 13, 2010

shoping trip 1-12-10

I went to CVS, IGA and made another Super Valu trip here are my totals

CVS (i got m&m's for the boys, panteene, cottenelle 20 pk, and 6 pack soy joy)

out of pocket 10$
I saved  27$
total Value  37$
total % saved  73%

IGA (i got applesauce, fruit snacks, canned veggies, milk, cereal, and swiss miss hot cocoa)

out of pocket  13$
total saved  6$
total value  19$
total % saved  32%

Super Valu (i got bread, soft tortias, eggs, peanut butter)

out of pocket  5$
total Saved  5$
total Value  10$
Total %  saved  50%

totals for these stores
out of pocket  28$
total Saved  38$
total value  66$
total % saved 58%

total for the week

total out of pocket 38
total saved: 46
total value 84
total %: 55%

so tomorrow I plan to go to IGA, for some oatmeal (they were out the other day)  and a few other things, and i hope to make a trip to cvs.. (i have some great scenerios to walk out with paying next to nothing)  so check back if you are interested.

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