Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shopping Trip 12-27-2009

Today I went to CVS and IGA.  Super Valu's sales start tomorrow, but unless they have something great I may skip it.  I have already spent over 70$ this week


I got 

2 old spice deodorant 2/5$, 1$/ 2 coupon, got 1$ ECB (1.50 each after coupon and ECB)
3 Coke Prodcuts  1$ each, 1$ ecb when you buy 3.  ( .66 each after ECB)
wrapping paper  sale .75
Colgate advanced  2.99  (2.00 in ECB, thier is a coupon, but I had already used it..  .99 after ECB)
Gillet fusion Razor  8.99 ( 4$ in ECB, 4$ coupon, .99 after Coupon and ECB)
and I had 8.99 in ECB's to Use

Check out Couponing101 or Surviving the Stores for these and more coupon match ups for CVS!!

So I spent

Out of Pocket  8.00  (a lot for me really)
Saved   23
Total Value  31 
Total Percent 71%


I spent  65
I Saved 26
total value 91
total %  28%

total for the week

total spent 73$
Total saved  57$
Total Value  130
Total % saved   43%

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