Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Phones

S and I got new phones.  Mine actually went through the washing machine again.  This would be the third time it has been submersed in water, and it didn't seem to come back this time.  So yesterday when went shopping (more on that in a min)  we stopped at the Verizon store in the town over (those of you who know me may know wich one).  they had a dealgoing on buy one get one, for 29.99 before taxes (after rebate though)  So we got these two.  I got red scott got blue (although i think the blue looks neater..lol),  These phones are so much nicer than our old ones and we feel like we have moved into this century..They take great pictures, do video, have a querty keyboard, play music.. isn't it great.  (can you tell we are excited.)  like S says we are like two kids in a candy store...

Now for the rest of our trip.. We went to Kohls.  Scott needed a shirt or two as did I.  So he got one button down shirt and one fleece pull over.  I got one sweater, and two short sleeve t-shirts (the kind I always wear)  I wanted long sleeve, but they didn't have any I really liked and I tried on this white one under my sweater and really liked the shirt, so I got two. (can't beat that can you.)

see ya all later


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