Friday, December 4, 2009

Crafty Decorations

First off I must say that I love   I found this site a while ago, but visited it again around Halloween and found lots of cute decorating Ideas (don't remember if  I posted them here or not, but they where pretty cute)

So I decided to look at Christmas decorations and other craft Idea's.  Their is just so much.. So much that I want to do, So much that is just to darn cute.  Today we did our first Crafty Christmas decoration on the slidding glass window in the back.

We painted the window.
to make the paint you grate one bar of soap (ivory)  than add One cup of luke warm water and mix with a mixer on low until mixed together, and than on high until it forms soft peaks.  (see link for complete instructions)  The boys helped until the tried to paint the whole window and then I took over and finished it.

Here are some pictures

I just hope it dries ok, this is the third layer of soap/paint adn so far it has dried link of opaque so I'm hoping it will stay dark now (the white parts, the colors have always stayed pretty dark)

Their is other things that I would like to do this is also on my list

check it out.. do you think you will do anything??  What is your Favorite?
just let me know what you think!

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