Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My shopping trips 12-7-2009

So I had to make a Trip to IGA for those nestle morsels befroe they ran out so I went on Mon.  Besides IGA, I also went to Walmart and CVS

here is what I spent

(i got 3 nestle morsels,  cake and icing, blue bonet quaters, dutchfarm cheese slices, 2 iga quick oats, Iga brown sugar,.. I had 2-1$/1 morsels coupons, 1--.50 of morsels coupons, and 1--.50 of icing coupon.)

I spent 13
I Saved 13
total Value 26
Total percent saved 50%

(i got hot sauce, mini marshmellows, i can't believe its not butter spread, ortego taco seasoning, 20ft leash for belle, animal crackers, stain remover and betty crocker potato... i had 1-1$ coupon for butter spread, .75/2 ortega, .35 off betty crocker potato)

I spent 15
I saved 2
total value 17
total % saved  12%

(i got glucose meter ,anyone need one,,,zantac and skittles.. i did 3 transactions)

i spent  5
I saved  87$
total value  92
total % saved  95%

for this transaction, since I lost my card and my ECB;s I did Seperate transactions.  first The Glucose meter, it was on sale for 14.99, and I had a 20$ coupon making it free(paid .15 in taxes), and then I earned 5$ in ECBs from that transaction.  My second transaction was Zantac, it was 8.99, i paid 5$ of that with my ECB's that I had just earned and 4.08 out of pocket, and then I earned 8.99 In ECB.  So i Paid out 4.08 but earned 8.99 In ECB's ... oh the last transaction was a pack of skittles for E.  and does anyone need a meter??


I spent 33
I saved 102
Total Value 135
Total % saved 75%

I do plan to go to Super Value yet. Realy just for some more morsels (need to get some coupons printed, will have to use mom's computer I guess) and some ground meat, and some chicken leg quarters for sure.


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