Saturday, May 2, 2009

super value trip

so today i went back to super value

i picked up

more strawberries(3) .99
3 frosted flakes 3/5$... 3 1$ coupons = .67 cents each
3 raisen bran 3/5$ 3 1$ coupons= .67 cents each
hamburger buns 3/4 (3 of them) 1.34 each (or somewhere around there)
cream cheese
marshmellow cream
lays chips 3.54
2 cans chef boyrdee
ski 12 pack
2 liter diet coke

and a few other things that i can't remember right now.

most of this stuff is for bry's b-day party tomorrow. come back and look at some pix.



for this trip
total spent 38$
total saved 28$
total value 66$
savings of 42% (best percentage ever at super value)

total spent: 712$
total saved: 284$
total value 996$
savings of : 28%
average spending 71$

(disclaimer: as of right now this total does not include some small trips that scott makes to dollar general, but i am attempting to inclued that. ... he usually doen't tell me the totals. and usually it is for just one thing, like the sour cream today.)

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