Friday, May 8, 2009

dist 12 and fundraiser at CARLYLE IGA

hi everyone

just wanted to give you a heads up that dist 12 is having a fundraiser.

shop at carlyle IGA on may 7th through may 9th and IGA will donate 10% of the purchase to Dist 12.

all you have to do is give the cashier your pledge sheet. (i have pledge sheets if you want one)

IGA website is

they do have some really good sales. if they have this stuff on sale all the time, i may have to start going there.

i plan to go on sat. i will buy for next week early.

the best thing i found was

purex 1.88 (limit 3)
i hope they still have these when i go

yoplait fridge pack 2.99

Poptarts 2/3 (1.50 each)
i know i have coupons for some off of poptarts, i hope they arent' expired.

hamburger helper 5/5$
were not a hamburger helper family, but still a good deal

5lbs potatoes 2/3$

i think i will be buying more bread to add to the two in the freezer

kellogs cereal 4/7$ 1.75 each
here are some 1 $ coupons. if you have already printed out check again, some have reloaded
.75 each

post cereal 2/4$

mt olive dill chips .99 cents

cottenelle 12 double roll 4.88
i think there may be some coupons in my stash for this also

wonder wheat bread 1.29

prairie farms icecream 2/4$

milk IGA BRAND 1.77

i am so excited to go to the store. i think there are deffinitly some good deals



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