Sunday, May 17, 2009

Menu for the week

my menu is late this week becuase i didn't go grocery shopping until yesterday.
but here it is.

SAT: Tacos (need taco box and meat)
SUN: spaghetti, salad, garlic bread ( need sauce, lettuce, garlic bread, have noodles)
MON: Pork steaks, potatoes, veggies (need meat)
TUES: Cheeseburgers (need meat)
WEN: Pizza (need pizza but forgot it, so will improvise)
THUR: sloppy joes (need meat)
FRI: Beefaroni (if we are at home)

Here are the deals i think i got

Nabisco honey graham crackers2/4.95 (2.48 each)
1$ coupon at

Kellogs Cereal 2/5.95 (2.98 each)(these are bigger boxes)
1$ coupon from
i'm unsure how good of a deal this is, but i go on the fact that they are bigger boxes. i got 3

Birdseye steamers 3/3.95 (1.32 each)

Ritz Crackers 2/4.95 (2.48 each)
1$ off

BAR S hot dogs. .69 (i think the best deals there this week. ) LIMIT 2
i would of got more if there wasn't a limit.

Manwich 4/3.95 (.99 each) i got 3 or 4

I think i spent to much. i could of done without some of the kellogs. and a couple of other things.



spent 101.09
saved 32.19
percent saved 24%

total spent: 881
total saved 341$
cumm value 1222$
percentage 28%

i think i could do better. i just need to figure out how!?!?!

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