Thursday, May 7, 2009

super value trip 5/2/2009

ok so at super value this week. i used no coupons.

i seem to have lost my receipt.

but here are the deals i saw.

colonial sandwich bread 3/4$ (1.33 each)
i got 2, even though i prefer wheat of whole grain.

Milk 1.99 (skim, 1% or 2%)
with coupon from flyer. although i didn't have coupon and still got the price.

Jacks pizza 4/10$
(we don't like jacks here so none for us)

flavorite ketchup 2/2$ or 1$ each
(i got 5) we go through a lot of ketchup

flavorite bbq sauce 3/3$
actually missed this one. this bbq sauce isn't bad though

paper towels 3/3$
there brand (i don't know the name) i bought one.

bar s hot dogs. .88 cents
got 4 (all that was out) i always buy lots of hotdogs when they are on sale.

creamette pasta 4/4.50$ (1.12 each)
i got 2 elbow noodles and 2 more spaghetti (i have so many packages of spaghettie noodles.

lipton pasta or rice sides 4/3.95$ (.98 cents each)
hmm maybe i should of got some of these.

flavorite fruit 4/3.95$
missed this one to.

Chicken breast 1.89 lb
(i got three small packages )

ok that is what i saw. and some of what i bought.

p.s i may go back for anohter trip or maybe not. the school is having a fund raiser at carlyle iga. so i will probally go there again this week. check back for details.



i spent around 68$
saved about 26$
saved 27%

total spent 780$
total saved 309$
total value 1089$
total precentage 28%

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