Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Target Trip

Well today I made an excursion to Target. I needed ink (i forgot it at wal mart) and I had heard about the Tag system (leap frog) on clearance for 12.49 and I had a 10$ coupon (I was so excited) So last night I went to my moms house and printed out coupons (since as I said i didn't have ink) and went today. I got ink, 2 small bags of dog food (free with coupon and target coupon) and a bunch of Kelloggs food ( 4 rice crispies, 2 pop tarts, 3 yogos, and 1 cinamon bars) 10 things so I could send off for the Rebate (yippeee). Essentially I think I got all of these for around .50 each.
My total bill at Target was 48. (32 of that was the ink...bummers isn't it) I saved 24 in coupons, and I got a 10$ rebate.

Now after that target I decided to visit the target in Fariview to see if they had the tag system on sale (they didn't either) but I ended up picking up baby wipes and a pair of shoes for bry, and spent another 20$ (but I had cash)

so total spent about 70$ (60 after rebate)
total saved 25$ (35 after rebate)
Rebate 10$
percentage saved 35% ( 58% after rebate)

and I have enough snacks to last a while so my next grocery bill should be lower!!!


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