Saturday, September 26, 2009

IGA and Walmart trip today

So far today I have gone to IGA and to Walart. I know Walmart evil of all evils. When you go in expect to spend at least 100$. Well those of you doubters will be suprised to know I only spent 16$. I went in with my list and stuck to it..(almost) so here is how much I spent


out of pocket 16
Saved 11$
total value 27$
total % saved 40%


out of pocket 27$
total saved 17$
total value 44
total % saved 38%

Total for this week (so far)
total out of pocket 43$
total saved 28$
total value 71$
total % saved 39%

Pretty good.. I really wish I could get my precent saved to 50% . but at least I am getting closer. It use to be only in the low 30% or high 20%.

I do plan to make a trip to Super Valu yet today.. I don't plan on getting a lot of stuff, but I will still add the totals in.

see ya later


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