Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Super Valu

Wonder Bread 3/4$ (1.33 each)

Chicken Breast Quarters .99 lb

Big G cereals (general Mills) 3/5$ (1.66 each)
super valu coupon
$1/3 General Mills Cereals, exp. 9-19-09 (SS #2 8/9/09)
1/2 General Mills Cereals, exp. 8-29-09 (SS 7/19/09)

Doritos 2/4$

Hard Salami 4.49 lb

seedless grapes .99lb

Tombstone Pizza 3/9.00

4 Quart Pail prarie farms icecream 3.95

Cheez its 2/4$

HoneyMaid Grahams 2/6$

Motts Apple Sauce 2/4$

half gallon prarie farms 2/3$ (cheaper at IGA)

garlic bread (coles) 2/4$

little debbie snacks 4/5.00 (1.25 each)

Flavorite BBQ sauce 1.00 each

Home Life paper towels 1.00

apples .99 lb

ok that isn't all of the items on sale.. but it is some of the better deals. If you would like to browse the add yourself it here is the super value web page . just click on the weekly adds!!


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