Monday, August 17, 2009


So I finally made it to CVS. I spent a little more than what I wanted to, but really if I spend more than a dollar or two it is to much in my book

here is what I got (for some reason I can't scan my reciet)
(in parentheses is how much I saved just from the reg. price to the sale price)

Welch grape jelly 2.00 (saved 1.19)
2. pm write bros 10pack .99 each (saved 1.00 each)
2 cal filler paper 150 0.99 each (saved 1.70 each)
Colgate max fresh 2.99 (saved .30)
Cvs tampon 10count 1.89 (saved .10)
cal mini composite notebook 1.99
recycled school pencil box 1.99 (saved 1.00)
Loreil Ever pro shampoo and condition 5.99 each (saved 1.00 each)
2 purex 6.99 (bogo) (saved 6.99)

2 .35 for purex
.75 for grape jelly
1.00 for colgate
2 2.00 for shampoo and conditioner

coupons used 6.45
ECB used 20.43
ECB earned 16.00
Out of pocket 7.63


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