Tuesday, November 9, 2010

IGA trip today

It was a really good trip.  I feel like I could have done better, but still did better than I have in a while.

here is what I got/did

i spent 51
i saved 31
total value 82
total % saved 38%

i got
3 betty crocker potatos  99 each
2 carnation evaporated milk .79--1.58 total
5  flour   .79---3.95 total (just plain white flour)
1 sugar  .69
1 cheese slices  1.50
2- marshmellows .79---1.58
1-milk  3.19
1 mustard 1.19
4- brown sugar .99---3.96
2 whipped topping .99---1.98
4 white bread  .88--3.52
3 imperial margernine quarters .50---1.50
2 muss. apple sauce 2$----4$
1 pillsburry brownie mix .99
1 pillsubrry white cake .79
2 pillsburry yellow cake .79---1.58
ground beef 7.14
link pork sausage 5.28

and i forgot to get yeast.. it was .79 for a package of 3... i was going to get a bunch of them...

if i had stuff in order i probably had some coupons for the betty crocker stuff and pillsburry (pretty much everything else was IGA Brand)

now I would like to add that I am changing my coupon storage method AGAIN.  I had stopped just storing the inserts by date a while ago, and had been using envelopes, but those are already falling apart, so back to the binder for me.   Instead of just using one of the cheap binders I have here though, I bought a mead zipper binder with some pockets off of Amazon, and got some new insert sheets off of Ebay.  The sheets are not just the regular baseball card sheets either.  Hopefully starting out with a little more to my system will help me to keep up with it.

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