Thursday, September 16, 2010

Here We Go Again

I am back.  I have been pretty busy lately, with the start of school, and such.  S is coaching baseball, he is very busy.

B is doing great this year.  It is just amazing to S and I how much better this year in K is compared to last year.  and guess what today he finally learned his phone number.  Isn't that wonderful, you may think that isn't such a big thing, but we worked on that all last year and on and off during the summer.  We hit it hard for about 3 days, and he knows it!  I'm so excited for him.

E is loving Pre-K.  He loves ridding the bus and has a great day pretty much everyday.

N, well N is just N.  He is definitely 2, but really a young 2.  Sometimes the issues of a two year old seem minor compared to the issues of a 6 year old.  know what I mean.  N is talking more, and Kim comes for therapy through Early Intervention.

so in other words we are doing pretty good here.  I hope to keep this up more, but we will see.

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