Friday, July 2, 2010


Today we took a trip to the zoo.  It was a beautiful day.  Our plan was to leave early, and park on the street for free, and go strait into the children's Zoo for free (it is free for the first hour)  Well we left late, but still managed to get a spot on the street, and made it there before 9, so the Children's Zoo was also free.  What a great start!!!

N was very interested in everything.  He loved it.  I was really surprised at how much he wanted to look at (I don't remember B or E being that interested, but maybe they where a little younger??)  He was just really into the animals, and constantly had to be picked up because he wanted to see.

E loved the Elephants, I think they where his favorite.  Although I think the stingrays where probably a pretty close second.  He was so enthralled with those elephants.  E also seemed to enjoy looking at the insectiquarium.  All of those bugs.  I'm sure he had a great time.  I need to find some Elephant things for him to do though, maybe a elephant book for Christmas.

B I think liked it all.  he really enjoyed looking at the map and helping us find our way or just figuring out where we where at.  He, as I said, liked it all,  I don't know that he had a favorite.. but he also did really like the stingrays.  He seemed to enjoy the Butterfly house too among other things. 

I can't believe how much fun we had today.  It was probably the longest time we had spent at the Zoo.  I'm sure partly because we got there earlier than usual.  We also took a different route around the zoo than we normally do, and so saw more of the red rock animals, and birds.. but we missed the sea lions.  (oh well).  I really enjoyed the stingrays, they where so cool, the boys did really seem to enjoy touching them. 

I will try to post pictures soon.  I am having technical issues with my camera.

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