Wednesday, May 19, 2010

School is for B

Today was B's last day of school. He is finished with Kindergarten, of course he does get to do it all over again next year. If you didn't know this, lets just say that B didn't quit learn or catch everything he needed to this year.

Holding B back had to be one of the hardest decisions S and I have ever made as his parents. I also think the hardest thing we have ever done is tell him that he would have to repeat Kindergarten. Needles to say their where tears all around.

Next year b will have a iep, and will have some extra help. He actually had lots of extra help this year also. We actually saw tons of improvement when their was a student teacher in the room. Seemed like he got lots of one on one when he needed it.

I really hope we made the right one... but as I have heard parenting isn't for the faint of heart right ( i think that quote is just for/about these kind of situations!)

Either way we are very thankful to B's teacher Mrs. L. She did a wonderful job of trying to help B. We also where very happy with Ms. B (the student teacher), and Mrs F, the title one teacher. WE thank them for all of their help and understanding.

We at home this summer plan to take a week off (per S) and then start in on at least a little educational stuff daily or almost daily. We don't want B to lose what he had learned. We will continue reading books all summer. I plan on looking into the library's summer reading program, i know they have one but I am unsure about the age requirements.

on to E

As for letters of the week. I am already slacking, we are on week two of the letter B, and i have only done one day this week. so we will do Letter B and maybe a review of A again next week!

On to N

N continues in Early Intervention.  Kim will actually be here tomorrow again.  Other than that he is doing great! 

So for the boys summer vacations starts tomorrow.  for S it starts Next Tues!  I am unsure if I am looking forward to everyone being at home or not.  It is so nice during the day when it is just me and the little boys, and although I enjoy it when S is home, I think sometimes I am lazier when he is home.  Also, I know the boys sometimes drive him nuts, at least a little anyway. But on the other side of that, we do lots of fun stuff during the summer months when we are all home and at least I won't be home by myself with three boys.

better go


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